Re: FYI: bezerko mouse is back

Alain Schroeder (
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 04:20:24 +0200

Well, I had some crashed and dead-locks (apparently) by using my mouse.

First I thought it was XFree 3.9.15 what trashed my computer... It just
rebooted. But after switching back to 3.3.4 I had 3 dead-locks. No ping,
All this only happend, as the system was heavily used:

* CD ripping
* MP3 encoding
* Some downloads (via 3com509, but via a ISDN-masquarading maschine - 64KB/s)
* some xterms and ssh's open unter X AND
* moving the mouse around

My System is a K6-I, 200 Mhz; 64 MB RAM; Triton based Asus Motherboard;
Permedia 2 based Graficscard; Gravis Ultrasound; 3c905B; Serial Mouse...
Everything else should be irrelevant ;)

- -- Alain -- -

Linux is like wigwam - no windows, no gates, apache inside.

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