Re: Intel x86 Kernel Console irregularity

Riley Williams (rhw@BigFoot.Com)
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 20:03:38 +0100 (GMT)

Hi Thomas.

> I think Tom meant that his problem was that if the BIOS itself
> (on that particular MB/gfx card) start up in anything else that
> 80x25 then he have a problem with the scrolling of the display.
> It's actually quite understandable:

The 486 doesn't even have an 80x25 mode, it's either 80x43 or 80x60
only, no other modes are supported on its LCD screen. Linux deals
with it without any problems, and I don't provide any special options
to select that mode either. I have the BIOS set up in what it calls
"Long Screen Mode", which gives the 80x60 display.

> Bios knows that were in eg. 80x50 on startup, but linux thinks
> were in 80x25. Of course you could just say to linux 128x43 and
> linux would tell the bios, and everybody is happy. Problem is
> only at startup

In my case, all machines boot under LILO and are fine, so can I assume
that he's using some other boot loader? If so, I would have to suspect
a problem with the boot loader, not the kernel...

Best wishes from Riley.

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