Re: Linux 2.2.11pre4

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05 Aug 1999 13:23:34 -0400

>>>>> "Moritz" == Moritz Franosch <> writes:
> This may also be true for people who don't use emacs but with Texinfo
> you can make info, ASCII text, HTML and TeX. So a Texinfo
> documentation should meet everyone's needs. The same is true for the
> linuxdoc SGML documentation system.

I mostly agree and generally like to use info manuals.
But there are times when info is the right answer and there are times where man
is the right answer. texinfo manuals should be arranged in such a way that I
can quickly get at the information I need, just like with man. Basically,
info and texinfo pages should be arranged so that I can replace

man 2 open man 3 fclose
info syscall open info libc fclose

or something similar. Also I want to be able to say

info cp info XtUnmanageChild

and get to a concise description of the options available for `cp' and to a
concise description of `XtUnmanageChild'. TeXinfo has some neat features
("global" search, hyperlinks, indexes) but needs a little bit more before it
can really replace `man'. The index should already provide most of what's
needed, but a bit more work is warranted. Especially for the `man -k'
equivalent. Finally the `info/dir' file is a pain in the ass and should really
be automatically built (and be mostly unneeded) just like the man/whatis file.


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