Found lock Problems in 2.2X

Robert Herter (
Thu, 5 Aug 1999 12:21:37 +0200


found out why our Machine locks so frequently:

Running RH6.0 on a Dual PII 450 256 MB RAM IPC-VORTEX RAID-Controler

We have an Dialin-Router which logs very much via
Remote-Syslog to the Machine. After a Time
the complete System locks
(Ping is OK but no login via Telnet or Console)
This is reproducable in UP- and SMP-Mode.

Stopping Syslog and the System comes back again.

But the Problem with frequently Logging

unable to Handle kernel paging Request at virtual xxxxxxxx

still occurs in 2.2.11pre4 in SMP mode (Mainly SQUID 2.2patch4).


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