Re: Linux FS problems 2.2.10

Robert M. Hyatt (
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 18:35:48 -0500 (CDT)

I'm interested too... 2.2.10 is all that we are using. We have two
large file servers, using a raid0 (software) partition made up of 4
4.3 gig scsi drives, but we have been running this for a long while
and have seen no problems of any kind, using knfsd and the whole 9

I did turn off a couple of the "PARANOIA" switches in the nfs source
to reduce the size of our /var/log/messages file, but we haven't seen
a thing.

My quad xeon had 5 9.2 gig ultra-2 scsi drives and gets beat to death
all the time with lots of file I/O, 400% cpu busy, etc.. and I haven't
had any file corruption at all...

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On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Jeffrey Mark Siskind wrote:

> 2.2.10 has known fs-corrupting bugs.
> This scares me. I just upgraded 14 machines to 2.2.10 with file servers among
> them.
> Can somebody fill me in:
> 1. Does it affect all motherboard/chipset/cpu types?
> 2. Does it affect smp, non-smp, or both?
> 3. Does it affect scsi, ide, or both?
> 4. Will files contents get corrupted without being detectable by fsck?
> (I.e if my disk fscks can I be assured that the bug hasn't stricken and
> hasn't corrupted my files behind my back?)
> 5. Will files that aren't written be corrupted?
> 6. Which 2.2 kernels does this affect? How far do I need to go back to avoid
> the bug?
> Jeff (
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