Mirror problems ???

Riley Williams (rhw@MemAlpha.CX)
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 22:37:42 +0100 (GMT)

Hi there.

Is there something up with the kernel.org mirrors? ftp.uk.kernel.org
currently indicates that the latest 2.3 kernel is 2.3.9 !!!

Best wishes from Riley.

| There is something frustrating about the quality and speed of Linux |
| development, ie., the quality is too high and the speed is too high, |
| in other words, I can implement this XXXX feature, but I bet someone |
| else has already done so and is just about to release their patch. |
* ftp://ftp.MemAlpha.cx/pub/rhw/Linux
* http://www.MemAlpha.cx/kernel.versions.html

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