Re: Linux FS problems 2.2.10

Jeffrey Mark Siskind (
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 11:33:46 -0400

2.2.10 has known fs-corrupting bugs.

This scares me. I just upgraded 14 machines to 2.2.10 with file servers among

Can somebody fill me in:

1. Does it affect all motherboard/chipset/cpu types?
2. Does it affect smp, non-smp, or both?
3. Does it affect scsi, ide, or both?
4. Will files contents get corrupted without being detectable by fsck?
(I.e if my disk fscks can I be assured that the bug hasn't stricken and
hasn't corrupted my files behind my back?)
5. Will files that aren't written be corrupted?
6. Which 2.2 kernels does this affect? How far do I need to go back to avoid
the bug?

Jeff (

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