Problem with 2.2.10

Sascha Bohnenkamp (
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 15:39:50 +0200


I have a problem with my 2.2.10 on my smp mashine (gigabyte bxds, 2x
pentium2,full-scsi system)
2.2.10 refuses the use of my ps/2 mouse
2.2.10 says after booting that it has (minor) fs faults ... well fixable but

2.2.9 did NOT have those misbehaviors (and all kernels I use are compiled by
myself :) )

any help? -- please cc me, because I do not subscribe this list (too much



use linux -> no bsod, no gpf, no error -1

Sascha Bohnenkamp +49 421 218 2959

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