Re: First WinModem for Linux

Horst von Brand (
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 08:45:36 -0400

Fred Reimer <> said:


> I understand the problem, but I think the solution is all backwards.
> The problem being that (DSP) chip vendors charge too much for their
> product. So, if you want a "real" modem you are going to have to pay
> (you say) $50 to include it in a computer. The issue though is that
> you can apparently include a CPU that is sufficiently powerful enough
> to do HSP and not have to pay for the DSP on the modem. How can this
> be? How can Intel, AMD, whoever produce a CPU that is so powerful yet
> so cheap that it makes more sense, economically, to move the 'SP
> functions from a dedicated DSP chip inside the host CPU? The answer is
> simple, the DSP chip vendors are charging way too much for their
> products. When one technology (generic function CPU) can perform the
> work of another (special function DSP's) at a lower cost overhead it is
> obvious, from a capitalist supply and demand viewpoint, that the DSP
> vendors are overcharging.

Nope. Today the base machine is something like a Celeron 350MHz or so,
_way_ overpowered for the average home use: Running Word (or whatever) or
browsing. There is plenty CPU left for the modem to use. Not enough for a
freak who runs several applications at once needs, though...

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