PCI IRQ initialisation in pci.c

Paul Ashton (lk@mailandnews.com)
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 12:45:16 +0100

After having problems with interrutpts after enabling USB support
I configured one of the PCI devices to use a different IRQ
with "setpci -v -s5.0 62.b=9". Unfortunately this breaks the
FIR (toshoboe) driver since pci_find_device() returns a pci_dev
structure with the IRQ that was found at pci.c initialisation.

Wouldn't it be more correct for volatile PCI registers to be
read at driver initialisation time rather than PCI subsystem
initialisation? Perhaps in pci_find_device().


ps. anyone know what's the state of play with PCMCIA support
in the latest development kernels? No response on PCMCIA
mailing list...

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