Re: Your backup is unsafe!

H. Peter Anvin (
3 Aug 1999 21:00:11 GMT

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By author: Kent Overstreet <>
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> First, we need to shoot whatever brain-dead "programmers" in Redmond that
> thought of this.

Indeed. Our own UMSDOS is a helluva lot cleaner design, and doesn't
have half as many problems. It really ought to have stored the
mangled name in the directory file, though.

FAT32 as well... just as memory sizes were getting big enough that FAT
filesystems could be dealt with sanely M$ decides to screw that up.
Doing an incompatible filesystem they could have gone with a simple
inode filesystem just as easily, but no...

> Ok, how about a program (like the one on the windows cd) that reads the
> long/short filename mappings and saves them in a file, then after you
> restore, it changes the 8.3 filenames back. Support might be needed in the
> kernel for the restore, and it's a bit of a hack, but it works and
> withought messing with anything more than we have to.

The right thing, I think, is what was already proposed: an ioctl() to
get the short name, an ioctl() to set the short name, and a special
version of tar or cpio to do the actual backup. Your variant would of
course work too, using the same ioctl()s.


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