Linux generic inputdevice layer, first release for testing

Vojtech Pavlik (
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 16:03:57 +0200


I'm finally releasing a preview of the inputdevice stuff I was working on
for quite a while which, when finished, should give us fairly simple
multihead support, simple support for USB HID and others.

Right now, it doesn't add any functionality (except for such hacks as a Sun
keyboard in a PC, or a XT keyboard working with Linux), but it cleans up
quite a bit of code.

When finished, it'll reduce the overall amount of code dedicated in the
Linux kernel for handling mice, keyboards and joysticks.

Oh, one little thing for which it is really useful now. Should you happen to
have a Logitech M-S48 OEM mouse that can't talk IMPS protocol and thus X
donesn't know about the wheel, it'll work with these drivers.

Try the code, test it, tell me your impressions.

Get it at:

As a kernel patch against 2.2.7:

As a set of standalone modules:

I suggest getting the patch, since that'll show what it actually can do.

Have fun,

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