Re: NMI ??

Mathieu Arnold (
29 Apr 1999 10:35:48 +0200

Dominik Kubla <> writes:
> On Wed, Apr 28, 1999 at 11:08:05PM +0200, Mathieu Arnold wrote:
> You didn't write what the total amount of memory is, but since you added 64MB
> it might be a problem with the 2nd-lebel cache. But that is unlikely to raise
> a NMI.

well, there was 16Mb soldered on the processor board, so now, there are 80Mb.

> More likely problems are:
> 2. The new SIMMs are defective.
> 3. The SIMMS are drawing too much power, thus resulting in weak bits triggering
> parity errors.

hum, they work well on another machine.

> 4. Not all SIMM sockets on the board are equal.

it's said in the doc that they are.

> 5. The SIMMS have different timing parameters.

no way, they are all the same, same date..

> Now here's how you check things out:
> 1. Remove the OLD SIMMs and put the NEW SIMMs in their place.
> If the SIMMs are fine, everything should work. That takes care of problem
> #2.

can't remove the old... can't disable them.

> 2 If not, check the BIOS that ECC/Parity are disabled. If things work, #1
> is settled.

cannot do that, the compaq icu is really anoying..

> 3. If not reconfigure the memory timings most conservative. That should take
> care of #5.

cannot do that either.

> If that doesn't work, you're most likely out of luck. I have two such
> mainboards at work. They will be replaced ASAP...

well, the mainboard is quite old, (10/95)..
so, i'll keep it like this.

You didn't answered all my question, what does NMI means, and do i risk
something if i let it like this ?

Mathieu Arnold

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