Re: NFS hangs under 2.2.6

Trond Myklebust (
28 Apr 1999 19:00:25 +0200

Christoph Lameter <> writes:

> We do regular backups each night having all boxes NFS mounted on a central
> server equipped with a tape drive. Every Tuesday night the box rebooted
> since we switched to 2.2.X. I finally ran the backup for that special
> machine manually.
> Backup ran normally for awhile until it got to the /dev directory. Then
> there was an endless scroll of barely readable NFS error messages on the
> console.
> Something about "NFS client: inode locked/unavailable" and "retrying".
> This went on for awhile until some system resources were exhausted and the
> watchdog daemon took the machine down.
> I could not find any messages at all in the system logs.
> Any hints on how to proceed with that one? Backing up other linux boxes
> via NFS works just fine.

I can't find anything which corresponds to that message in the

If the error is repeatable, do you think you could turn on the NFS
debugging: probably 'echo 1 >/proc/sys/sunrpc/nfs_debug' (turns on the
VFS == fs/nfs/inode.c debugging) should suffice?


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