Re: Re: ATX Power off & SMP-Kernel

Michael Mess (
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 01:09:57 +0200


I disabled the condition for if by multiplying with 0. So I have SMP and
APM both enabled. But I use only the ATX-Power off function of ATX.
I use an ASUS P2BDS board and it works OK for me so far.

if (0 * smp_num_cpus > 1) {
printk(KERN_NOTICE "apm: disabled - APM is not SMP
if (smp_hack)
smp_hack = 2;

But I would appreciate it, if "ATX Power off" could be configured
separately and independent from SMP and APM in "make menuconfig" or
"make xconfig". So people who want to use "ATX Power off" could do by
just enabling that switch, regardless of their SMP or APM setting.
This could be useful especially for novices (and those people who only
want to _use_ linux without learning too much about hacking the kernel)
who don't know what APM is, but know that an ATX supply can be turned
off by software.
If they need to hack the kernel or apply some options to the
configuration this could be too complicated for many of them.

Greetings, Michael

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