Re: Altos 2086 (Xenix) Multiplan and iBCS?

Steve Glines (
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 12:17:19 -0400

Mike Jagdis wrote:
> On Sun, 25 Apr 1999, Steve Glines wrote:
> > Has anyone gotten this to work?
> > Is there a coherrent howto for iBCS? All I get is a memory fault when I
> > try to run binaries off the old Altos.
> iBCS runs on Linux not Coherent :-). You should start by getting
> the latest iBCS from
> and the latest x286emul from

Thanks - That's not what I meant. I've found very little in the way of a
HOWTO and iBCS. By coherent I meant clear and together. (Gee is Coherent
the OS still around?)

I have picked up the latest tarball from
It doesn't come close to compiling, blows up on the first thing it tries
to compile:
emulate.c:36: asm/uaccess.h: No such file or directory ???

I also looked at - nothing there re x286emul that
I could find. ??

I'm trying to get a client into Linux - I really, really, really don't
want to have to go to SCO.



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