IP tunneling broken in 2.2.6

Evan Harris (eharris@puremagic.com)
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 20:45:39 -0500 (CDT)

I upgraded to 2.2.6 from 2.2.3 and found that ipip tunneling is partially
broken. Tried 2.2.5 and it's broken there too. Couldn't try 2.2.4
because it has compile problems.

It manifests itself as communication originating from the remote tunnel
endpoint being ignored. Traffic from hosts other than the remote endpoint
that is routed over the tunnel IS seen and acted on.

In this log, is the remote endpoint, is tunneled, and is another machine on the remote endpoints network. These are
tcpdumps of traffic as seen by the system.

With kernel 2.2.5 (same results with 2.2.6)
20:00:39.041879 > icmp: echo request (ipip)
20:00:39.041979 > icmp: echo reply (ipip)
20:02:36.712234 > icmp: echo request (ipip)
20:02:37.712373 > icmp: echo request (ipip)

With kernel 2.2.3
20:20:43.066396 > icmp: echo request (ipip)
20:20:43.066493 > icmp: echo reply (ipip)
20:21:14.144984 > icmp: echo request (ipip)
20:21:14.145081 > icmp: echo reply

Of course, in the log from 2.2.3, the fact that the icmp reply is not
(ipip) shows that there is an asymmetrical route for that traffic, but
that doesn't seem to cause problems with 2.2.3. Maybe the problem is
stricter checking of interfaces traffic is recieved/sent on in the later
kernels, and that is the cause of the problem? If so, is there a

I would be happy to provide any further information that is needed to
track down the problem.


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