Re: Q: generic_file_write sets PG_locked???

Eric W. Biederman (
24 Apr 1999 15:15:03 -0500

>>>>> "LT" == Linus Torvalds <> writes:

LT> On 24 Apr 1999, Eric W. Biederman wrote:
>> However the current code has a nice little race.

LT> I don't think so.

Ah. It's not a bug it's a feature. It wasn't what I was expecting
but it appears it works. And has the nice feature of not incurring
any read cost for write only files.

Now that I understand whats happening in generic_file_write
I'm not going to worry about it anymore for 2.2.

For 2.3 though I'm going to seriously revisit generic_file_write.
In particular:
1) It clears the PageLock after calling updatepage. This isn't
compatible with block based writes (for asynchronous filesystems).
(i.e brw_page).
2) We do so much serialization when writing files it's spooky.
The page lock, the inode semaphore, and the kernel lock.
It's my gut feeling that running the right application
on a smp system, we would feel the unnecessary serialization.

I know it definitely makes a difference in databases wether they
do page level or record level locking.


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