Re: announce: virtual machines

Alex Buell (
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 18:58:05 +0100 (GMT)

I have released a revised Framebuffer-HOWTO 1.0pre6.

You can peruse the HOWTO at

Or you may download the tarballs (text, html or sgml formats) directly
from that URL given above. Sorry, don't have a ftp server unfortunately.

Enjoy, and _please_ _please_ _please_ mail me privately, we don't want to
pollute the l-k mailing list.

* Now contains information on ARM platforms (yes, there is a framebuffer
device for the Psion 5 - apparently it shows a Penguin at boot-up!!)
* Added information on setting up the ATI framebuffer driver on Intel
* Corrected typos and some plain stupidity on my part 8)
* Removed multi-headed & dual-headed information as there is now a HOWTO
written by a separate maintainer - there is a pointer in the HOWTO
itself to that HOWTO in question - no URL yet though, maybe in pre7.

* No information for the PowerPC port. :o(

* The Netwinder boys for the ARM information
* Alex Holden for writing the nano-X stuff for Pison-5 & Geofox using Bogl
(How many bogomips can you get out of a Psion-5?)
* Alan Cox for writing the Bogl library (Yes Alan, I just figured out what
it's for 8)

* If all goes well, the next release (1.0pre7) will be the last before it
goes to 1.0 status and will be submitted to the List of HOWTOs.
* Donate me a Psion-5. 8)


"A mind opened by new ideas can never return to its original limits"

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