Linux/IA-64 (Merced)

David Mosberger-Tang (
Fri, 5 Mar 1999 12:15:35 -0800

Disclaimer: I happen to be an HP employee but I'm making the following
comment as an individual and what I'm saying is my own opinion. I
decided to send this mail because there seems to have been some
confusion as to what state Linux for IA-64 (and Merced) is in.

First off, if you have a chance, I'd like to invite you to attend my
talk on Linux/ia64 at Linux Expo '99 in Raleigh, NC
( As a quick summary, let me say that HP
Labs has been working on bringing Linux to IA-64 (and Merced) for over
a year now. We view this project as a regular Linux project except
that there is a bit of a constraint due to the fact that IA-64 is
still under non-disclosure. Thus, at this point we can't invite
everybody to join the development, but as usual in a free software
project, everybody who can contribute is welcome to do so. Also, the
result will obviously be available under the GPL as soon as IA-64
machines are generally available (and yes, we're very careful to do
everything according to the letter of the GPL, so please don't let
this degenerate into a legal issues discussion).

I realize the above may read a bit cryptic, but what I'm trying to say
is that I really hope that the fact that companies are starting to
make real money from Linux won't mean that Linux developers will stop
working together.

Happy hacking,


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