SMP on a UP system, and Hitchhikers guide to the proc file system?

Christopher McCrory (
Thu, 04 Mar 1999 10:19:27 -0800


Sorry if this has been covered before. What are the preformance
implications of compiling a SMP kernel and running it on a UP machine?
Will that slow performance? The reason I ask is that I have a mixed bag
of SMP and UP servers. They all run the same hardware otherwise
(Adaptec scsi, 3com). Compiling one kernel and then distributing it
would make administration much easier.

What about a Hitchhikers guide to the proc file system FAQ?

from another post (NR_OPEN, NR_FILE and NR_INODE)
>What's the role of NR_OPEN, NR_FILE and NR_INODE?
>And does OPEN_MAX have relation to those values?

Changing value x in /proc/sys/y/z will have effect ...
If you change x in /proc/sys/y/z you need to ...
Value x in /proc/sys/y/z is read only, it tells you ...

Yes, no, maybe.



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