more mtu weirdness

S. Shore (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 04:21:28 -0600 (CST)


I use ipmasq with my ADSL service and small lan.

---<ADSL>---[IPMASQ}-------[WIN98] MTU 1500
MTU 1500 \------[LINUX] MTU 576

I used to have all mtu set to 1500 (as you'd expect), but I found that I
couldn't access several "normal" sites like this. It always happened on
the same sites. It would get a small amount of data, then hang, as if path
mtu discovery had failed. Connections worked fine on the win98 box, even
though it had (apparently) the same settings.

I changed the mtu on the linux box to 576 on a hunch, and everything
worked! Thinking this might be the right way to go, I changed the mtu on
the ipmasq box to 576 too.. but now win98 wouldn't make any connections at

So, I changed the mtu of the ipmasq box (both interfaces, if you're
wondering) back to 1500, and that's the way it's stayed. I don't know why
it works, but it works.

Anyone know what would cause this?


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