strange /dev/dsp lock-ups... (and 2.2.2ac5 thumbs up)

Jeff Wiegley (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 02:38:28 +0000

Upgraded to 2.2.2ac5 and everything seems to compile and run
fine for me. (but I'm not a cool Alpha, SMP person :-(

Now for a simple question:

Anybody have a clue as to why processes that access /dev/dsp never seem
to exit on my machine?

For instance I was playing with rplay and it plays the first sound requested
and then hangs (until I send rplayd a KILL sig.)

rsynth also says the first sentence requested and then hangs.

I've been trying to do a little debugging but I am so clueless as to the
sound drivers.

The code for closing /dev/dsp in rsynth is this:

ioctl(dev_fd, SNDCTL_DSP_SYNC, &dummy);
dev_fd = -1;

If I simply comment out the ioctl then everything in rsynth seems to
work fine.

that is I can issue:

./say hello world
./say I can speak again.

and now the first sentence doesn't hang after being pronounced (as it did
before and I would have to ctrl-C it to get back.)

Is there something wrong with the implementation of this ioctl for the
GUS soundcard?

as for rplay it is more complex and I didn't do any code debugging. To
fix that I had to set --audio-flush=0 to disable flushing /dev/dsp.

My soundcard is a Gravis UltraSound (real old I know).

Aside from wondering if anybody knows whether this is an ultrasound
device driver bug or any other ideas as to what I am doing wrong...

Anybody have a preference as to which sound card is the most compatible
and functional with linux while being the cheapest. Since I'm considering
replacing the GUS if /dev/dsp doesn't work as it should with this card.


- Jeff

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