Re: Multiple applications using sound drivers?

Steve McIntyre (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 00:29:29 +0000

Rafael writes:
>I think the un*x way is to have a sound server processs manage the
>different sound sources from userspace, and have only the sound server
>talk directly to the kernel drivers. Of course, all programs which talk
>directly to /dev/dsp would have to be recoded to use the sound server
>library and API.
>This way you can make your sound server as complex as you want (i.e.
>prioritize sounds events, "real-time" mixing of channels, etc), without
>adding cruft to the kernel. Latency could be a problem with games
>though... I know I've seen work done in this direction, but don't have
>any links handy.

Check out NAS (network
audio server) does almost exactly what you describe, plus it has X-style
network transparency built in...

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