Re: 2.2.1 and Tulip weirdness

Oliver Xymoron (
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 17:00:26 -0600 (CST)

On Sat, 27 Feb 1999, rewt wrote:

> I have a similar problem, although my interface works, file transfers thru
> ftp freeze at certain point...not in the same spot all the time...but for
> example when i try to upload a 30mb file to my linux box the transfer
> would just freeze at 15mb, at the same time my ssh connection isnt
> responding and theres nothing in logs indicating that theres a problem
> with eth0. Before installing kernel 2.2.2 i was running 2.0.36 and
> everything was working fine. I also recompiled the ftpd client...i
> installed newest wu-ftpd but it wouldnt fix the problem...any suggestions?

I've been noticing this too with 2.2.x with a Tulip card (Netgear). The
eth0 interface occassionally appears to be completely unresponsive, but if
I run ifdown and ifup on it, it's back to normal. No log messages or any
other symptons, except occassionally ifconfig will show a very large
number of collisions. This machine is new enough that it's never run a
kernel before 2.2.

The freeze-ups tend to occur when I'm in the middle of something important
so I haven't had a chance to run tcpdump on it yet.

(I'm not completely sure I have the latest ifconfig (net-tools 1.46?), so
this might not actually be collisions I'm seeing.)

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