Re: People need to say "no"

Robert G. Werner (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 19:40:42 -0800 (PST)

I'm not exatly clear why everything keeps getting reduced down to me wanting to
flood Linus with patchs of undecided quality. Obviously people should talk,
try to come up with great ideas, work with one another. That method works now
and doesn't need to be changed. Linus doesn't have to be the sifter of the
drek and he isn't currently.
But that wasn't, isn't, and won't be my point.
I reacted to what I saw as a call to resist the urge to add interesting features
because it leads to "bloat". It appeared that Richard Gooch was being encouaged
to not even try to code up his ideas. I can't see how submitting some patches
for people (not necessarily Linus) to look at could be bad for the kernel. If
code has merit Linus is eventually going to see it. If the code doesn't end up
being useful, it is unlikely that very many people will have used it and thus
little of Linus time wasted looking at it (as one of you will probably have
given a fairly good analysis of it at several different points).

But it is obvious to me that I'm missing something here. Maybe I misunderstood
Lary' post and overreacted. Obviously there is a failure to communicate and
it is proabably my fault. I've not done any coding yet so I have no ground
to stand on. Thus, I immediatly withdraw from this discussion.

Robert G. Werner
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On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:
> It's not self-censorship. It's we as a Linux kernel development
> community becoming more intelligent about Linux kernel development. It
> takes a long time for a million monkeys to come up with the works of
> Shakespeare, and it sounds to me like you're argueing for a model where
> people on this list should be just monkeys flinging code at Linus, who
> then accepts or rejects the occasional brilliant piece of code.

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