Re: People need to say "no"

Robert G. Werner (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 12:24:19 -0800 (PST)

I speak with great trepidation bcause I can't claim your experience or
undertanding of operating systems. So please forgive me if I in my ignorance
say something silly or insulting.
That said, I think you are over estimating our (the Linux community) place in
the development of Linux. Linus gets to decide. It is his decision, and
wheather we like it or not, we have to live with this fact because ultimately
the kernel was his idea. Sure we depend on him to make good decisions but he
depends on himself making good decisions so he doesn't have to wear a bag over
his head for the rest of his life.
Now, I like to see lots of discusion about all the stuff that is happening in
the kernel and beyond. How else can new and useful ideas be developed and
explored without discussion. Even more important is code and benchmarks
showing performance (of secondary necessity is some explanation of what is
going on so that us novices might come to understanding).
But in the end, Linus decides. It is his right and the responsibility he has
taken on. I'm very grateful to him for his commitment to excelence. I hope
this never changes, the idea that one person ultimately takes personal
responsibility for what direction the linux kernel goes in. Hopefully there
will be some smooth way to transition another person into that status if/when
Linus ever decides to retire/die(God grant that this day be manny, many years
in the future long after his daughers have become famous hackers in their own
right ;-)).
But why should we shut down exploration of ideas until such time as Linus makes
his position on an issue clear. When he cares about an element of the kerenl,
Linus isn't shy about saying "This will never happen!!!" If you are trying to
convince people that hard_RT is real and the exo kernel is the only way to do
it, then Linus is the only one who has to be conviced.
Until he says one way or the other, what harm is there in playing with ideas?
As far as I know, Richard Gooch doesn't get to commit linux to any one path.
Neither do you or I.
Don't worry so much. I think we are muddling through on the right track. And
if, somehow, we manage to get so confused that Linux ceases to exist as it
does now, there will be others. Open source opperating systems are here to
stay and have been for quite a while.
Mostly we need to keep having fun.

Robert G. Werner
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On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, Larry McVoy wrote:

> It looks like the pseudo-RT stuff is coming back which suggests that we
> might have another lovely flamefest on the topic. I wanted to explain why
> I repeatedly get involved in these obviously painful discussions.

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