Alan McLean (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 22:42:04 -0600

On Wed, Feb 24, 1999 at 04:08:33PM -0500, Justin Hahn wrote:
> Shawn Carruthers [24 Feb 1999 @ 01:55 +0000 GMT]:
> >
> > Make it an automatically moderated newsgroup. Only subscribers to
> > linux-kernel can post.
> >
> > This can be done automatically: posts get forwarded to the moderator which
> > is a bot which checks the posting host against the list of subscribers.
> >
> > Quite a few newsgroups run like this.
> Problem with that is non-list members can't send bug-reports in that
> instance, which is the way a lot of people send reports. We can't
> expect everyone who needs to send a bug report to join the list. If we
> did we'd lose a fair proportion of bug reports.

I know some have expressed a fear of too much list diversification,
but maybe this would actually be a good case for another list.

Say linux-kernel-bugs or kernel-bugs or whatever, and make l-k
moderated and the bug-list unmoderated. Then get the word out
about the new list and its purpose ( /., lwn, lhq, etc, should do it :)

Of course, many would have to subscribe to another list, but in
_theory_ with l-k being moderated to subscribers this might reduce
l-k traffic enough to make it worthwhile?

Or is this pointless, as it would trim too much useful content
along with the fat? I guess it depends on what the developers
feel the purpose(s) of this list are. Obviously, bug reports
are very useful, but do a large percentage come from

One concern I guess is that some may be more cautious to send
mail to l-k than they would to send to a dedicated bug list,
even if it was named kernel-bugs. So, it could still swamp
the developers on the bug-list with some unrelated stuff.

Just a thought.


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