Re: [2.2.1] Crash (wait_on_bh)

Jordan Mendelson (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 17:09:41 -0500

> > The machine is running with ide and scsi controllers in SMP mode, with
> > an Intel Express Pro 10/100 network card.
> We've been having _exactly_ the same problem with our mail relay/pop
> server that's also got close to the same hardware as you do (Dual
> Deschutes, EEPRO100, aic7890 SCSI). The only difference is that evey time
> it happens with ours it seems to be CPU 0 waiting for CPU 1 instead of how
> you have CPU 1 waiting for CPU 0...Probably just a fluke, though.

Same here, Buslogic, eepro100, dual p2 266.

> There's one report of the problem happening with bus logic SCSI and
> another report of the problem happening with a 3com 3c905, so it sounds

Actually, the report from the person with a 3c905 was different
altogether. Every report of this bug I've seen has happened with the
eepro100 driver loaded.


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