sluggish 2.2.1

Sang Kang (
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 02:12:22 -0800


I don't remember whether I had this problem with 2.2.0, but under moderate
load (using swap, loadavg of 2~3), the linux slows down quite alot - under
X, the mouse starts jumping around and switching windows takes at least 1-2
second (just to refresh). Also when swap is allocated (page-out), the system
slows down dramatically (I used 'top' and noticed such behavior).

Setting HZ to 1024 made it much better, but sometimes I experienced hangs and
OSS does not allow HZ value other than 100.

my settings are cyrix-166PR, egcs-1.1.1, Slackware-3.6(libc-5.4.46),
binutils-, XF86-


Sang Kang

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