proper place to discuss kernel 'bloatedness'?

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Fri, 29 Jan 1999 19:54:41 -0700

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Well I'm hoping this isn't TOO off-topic.

I've not been following the list I admit but I'd like to know what is being
done (if anything) on the issue of the staggering size of the kernel
source. Currently I see that 2.2.1 is around 12MB (Bzip2 is around 10MB).
After decompression it'll be much to huge for any of the machines I
currently have running Linux.

I initially became interested in Linux because of the fact that it'd run on
the 486/66 w/ the 540MB HDD that I had spare. Now with the kernel reaching
some 40MB I'm tempted to move to something slimmer, like FreeBSD.

Something needs to be done to control kernel bloat. It'd be nice to see
the kernel source get another configuration 'facelift' in the form of an
automated module-retrieval system that would allow you to select the source
modules you wished and not take the whole 12MB chunk.

If this isn't the right place to discuss this issue, please RESPOND IN
PRIVATE! Unless the list is interested in the response I'd rather not clog
the pipes with this.


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