I will _not_ start accepting patches!

Linus Torvalds (torvalds@transmeta.com)
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 10:40:14 -0800 (PST)

I'm getting my mailbox filled up with new patches, apparently because
people believe that I will start applying them again just because 2.2.0 is
out. That is NOT so.

2.2.0 may be out, but we're still in "serious bugfixes only" mode - and
will be so for all of the 2.2.x series until I open up 2.3.x. I'm not
interested in patches unless you can clearly show that the patches fix a
_serious_ bug.

Basically, I don't expect to release a 2.2.1 in several weeks, unless
something _really_ bad comes up. And even then, 2.2.1 will just be a
serious fix release - there is absolutely no point in sending me patches
now that you wouldn't have sent for 2.2.0-final.

I'm just deleting any patches I see that are not obvious show-stoppers,
and I'm ignoring any bug-reports for anything but 2.2.0 - this means that
I'm not interested in reports about 2.2.0ac1 or anything else with any
non-standard patches (the only patch I suggest you apply is the "ess"
compilation bug, and even that can be worked around by just compiling as a

Basically, you have to realize that it takes at least a month for people
to really have pounded on 2.2.0, and before it has been seriously tested
to find any show-stoppers, I'm not interested in cosmetic fixes (even if
they are "real" bugs, they have to have a serious impact on testing basic
stability for me to care).

In short: let us find the _real_ problems first. Further development is
stopped intil that happens, because I'm NOT willing to have any new
interactions until all the old ones are resolved.


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