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Wed, 20 Jan 1999 20:57:54 -0500

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Evening all. My question is, what is the kernel's time limit for
dropping unused libs from memory? Same thing for the modules. Not sure
exactly what is responsible for it but here is the problem.

When I boot I only use about 17MB of RAM with everything I need
loaded. OK, all well and good, so what's the problem you might ask.

Easy, when I load X11, memory usage increases to around 93MB. OK, not
a problem. The kernel will drop the libs out of memory when all
calling apps have not accessed them in memory for (I believe) 60
seconds, starting with the oldest lib first.

Wait a minute! It's 3 hours later and I have been out of X11 mode for
the last 2 1/2 hours! Why is my memory usage still being reported as
93MB? Well, I look and I see that over 48MB of it is cached.

OK, so first question is, how do I change the flush times on system
cache? I have played with bdflush (Running RH 5.2) and with sync.
Nothing. Second question, how do I change the system's memory purge
time so I can clean some of these stale libs out of memory? Third and
last question, if the kernel itself is not responsible for this type
of memory maintenance, what is?

Also, the same thing seems to be happening with certain modules as
well, such as the joystick module for X11 not dumping either. I have
modularized everything possible, and removed all support for hardware
that I do not have installed. I even diabled sound support in the
kernel and am loading sound via OSS's registered sound drivers. (I
have a CMI8330 PnP onboard sound card the kernel does not seem to
recognize enough to keep from hanging the card.)

Thanks for any info.

Dave A.K.A PGPKeys

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