Re: repost: patch for 2.1.108 LDT problems

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7 Jul 1998 20:49:22 GMT

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By author: Bill Hawes <>
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> The attached patch is an update for 2.1.108 of the previous patch to fix
> various LDT-related problems.
> The patch ensures that each clone task using an LDT gets its own slot in
> the GDT, in case the prior task exits first. It also adds some sanity
> checks when LDT entries are being changed, and improves the register
> dump routine to display additional information.
> The patch is well tested and is necessary to avoid easily-triggered
> oopses when running apps that use LDTs.

Wouldn't it be better to keep a refcounter on this and let them share
an LDT? Perhaps that should be a CLONE_ flag?


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