2.1.103->2.1.105: 2940(1.21) doesn't boot

Andreas Mack (mack@sofo.uni-stuttgart.de)
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 22:36:30 +0200


I compiled 2.1.108 on my P133 after getting good
results with 108 at work, but it doesn't seem to like
my Adaptec 2940 (1.21). It's repeatingly trying to scan the scsi bus and
reports a timeout. This does not happen with a 2940 (1.23) at work.

I looked at ftp.dialnet.net for aic7xxx updates but didn't
find any new patches. Checked dejanews and this list,
only to find a "2.0.34: 2940 no go" article, but the
information wasn't very helpful.

Any suggestions?

Sincerely, Andreas.

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