Re: x86 36-bit support easier with Xeon?

H. Peter Anvin (
6 Jul 1998 22:48:34 GMT

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By author: Stefan Traby <>
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> Hi !
> > 'How do we DMA into >4G physical RAM?'
> >
> > 2) PCI cards which support 64 bit addresses might work (ie. none of most
> > current PCI cards, and i guess chipsets arent too overtested either,
> > regarding this feature).
> Hmm, the current "64 bit" PCI-Slots (ex. on Alphas) allow 64 Bit data but
> only 32 bit addresses. This is no real problem for current boards
> (UX && BX: 6x512M == 3GB max mem); but I'm not shure if the PCI specs
> covers 64 bit addresses at all; I don't think so.

They do, but it's an extension, and most cards don't support them it


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