Re: Upgraded to 2.1.107 ... almost succesfully.

Alex Buell (
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 16:39:00 +0000

Brian Schau wrote:

> 1) MODULES: When doing a 'depmod -a' it complains about 'unresolved
> symbols'. I guess upgrading to modutils-2.1.something will help?
> (Ok, silly question).

Upgrade to modutils-2.1.85, it will fix your problem.

> ... I've never seen IO-APIC's reports before, so I am a bit worried
> about 'broken BIOS' & 'not connected'. What do they mean? Do I
> need to worry?

You should worry, you were lucky it did boot at all [I get the same
results on my 486!]. You probably compiled your kernel as a SMP kernel.
To fix this, comment out the #define _SMP_ line in the main Makefile,
and clean/recompile. You should do this, you will get a considerably
smaller kernel anyway.

I don't know about the others though. HTH.


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