Re: Compatible with i386/UP but optimised for i686/SMP

Alan Cox (
Sun, 7 Jun 1998 05:16:10 +0100 (BST)

> In the above scenario, I would very much like to run a kernel optimised
> for the PC it is running on. That is not possible unfortunately. The

Why not ?

> However it must always work with _all_ the PCs if possible. It cannot
> even note the CPU type the first time a client is run, and use a kernel
> optimised for that client in future, because the users (they're
> programmers) have a habit of changing their computers around without
> telling anyone, and fiddling with their part of the network.

You are missing something simple here 8)

> That is why I am interested in an Pentium/SMP optimised kernel that is
> 386/UP compatible. As it was, I had to make do with the 386 compatible
> kernel with FPU emulation compiled in, the lowest common denominator and
> probably the largest kernel. BTW, thanks to the person who made FPU
> emulation into a module recently.

Actually the FPU module isnt ideal. For glibc at least I seem to get
insmod using FPU which might be a bit fatal. Better would be to create
an __fpucode __fpudata linked before the __initcode/__initdata and discard
more if an FPU is not needed - have you look at that Adam btw ?

Right the cluon you missed. Make your bootp/kernel loading client check
the CPU type and the fpu/nofpu and smp settings then ask tftp for an
image of


Fixing the fpu/nofpu is easy. Fixing the 386/486 nicely is very hard,
smp/nosmp is very hard.

This sort of 'load the right bit' trick btw is how the sparc ultralinux loads
either a sun32 or sun64 kernel image..


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