qlogic ISP 1040 / MB86606

Marc SCHAEFER (schaefer@alphanet.ch)
6 Jun 1998 13:17:11 +0200

Just a note to inform that the drivers/scsi/qlogicisp.c driver
looks like it works with the demonstration board of QLOGIC
with the 1040 chip *provided you disable the driver's
firmware upload*.

Else you get hangs with SCSI disks. Basically, the sequencer
looks hung up, and the abort() procedure of the qlogicisp.c driver
doesn't recover from this (maybe a chip reset/reconfig would be needed --
at least it's what I do usually with embedded SCSI chips :))

Also, if someone is interested about a Fujitsu MB86606 PCI
preliminary initiator driver, I made one last year. Due to bugs in this
chip limiting bandwidth I have however not found a use for it yet.


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