Re: Something broke cdu31a driver between 2.0.33 and .33

Yann Dirson (
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 18:01:04 +0200 (CEST)

Ah, I have some more info now about a possible cause for my problems
whith the cdu31a driver: after seeing that it worked with an old
2.0.30 kernel, I decided to switch back to this version for now. As
it the image I had missed SCSI support I need now, I compiled a new
image and... now it breaks :(((

Unfortunately, I didn't keep my old 2.0.30, I just overwrote it -
sheesh, I should have used kernel flavours here.

So here's a wild guess: it may be a compiling suite bug. I don't
remember the versions I used to compile this original 2.0.30 (this was
on 26th April 1997, says old modules I didn't recompile). Here are
the versions I use now (Debian package versions):

binutils 2.9.1-0.2
as86 + ld86 from linux86 0.13.0-2 (no bcc installed, FWIW) 1.9.9-1
glibc 2.0.7pre1-4
modutils 2.1.85-11

Just ask if I forgot something meaningful

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