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Suman_Saraf (
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 15:01:56 +0500 (IST)

-->Dear Oommen,
--> Last week I was probably visiting or
--> and I did connect to 'Linux User Group' but did not find
-->any group for India. Some Linux users of India have applied for to
-->creat a group or wanted to have some information. I will try to connet the

There is a project called LUGnet going on , check out

And yes we have a Linux Users group in india called Blug -> Bharat Linux
Users Group
Mailing List ::
mail to
subscribe blug-list in the message body
Not very heavy traffic and we have many people from india on it :-)

The URL is at :

This list started a year and a half back when I was incharge of the
mailing list and the website , now the others in the college are taking
care of it.

There is also one linux-india mailing list at I
guess and a person called Arun Sharma used to maintain it.

Send him a mail if you need clarifications on the latter:
His id is :

Any doubts regarding the BLUG list should be addressed to or



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