Re: RFS?

Hubert Tonneau (
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 02:13:47 +0200

Elliot Lee wrote:

> I'd like to think that Coda ( is going to be
> the next big thing in networked filesystems, but I don't know if it meets
> your stated requirements.

Yes, the CODA specifications sound great, but surprisignly, i could not
find any point of view, experiment report or discution about it in the
world whereas i found hundreads of complains about NFS poor

So what's the trouble with CODA ?

If any of you have used it, i am interested with true life experiments
reports about CODA.

The main concern for me is:
- reliability
- speed on a Lan
- replication efficiency both on Lan on a Wan

Hubert Tonneau

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