Upgrade kernel, or not?

David Wollmann (dwollmann@ibmhelp.com)
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 15:21:57 -0500

I'm building a Red Hat 5.0 2.0.31 box to use for ip masq (or ip chains?)
for a small LAN. I'm using a USR iModem TA and I want to use a Pacific
CommWare ExpressCard 920 with 16750 UART so I can get 128-230 Kbps with
compression. According to Pacific CommWare, the only way Linux will support
the 16750 is if I upgrade to 2.1.53 or above.

I've searched DejaNews and AltaVista for other solutions, but can't find
anything other than an archived ng article with a patch (to serial.c, IIRC)
that would add support for the 16750, but isn't very specific about

If the kernel upgrade is the best way to go (I'd like to do it eventually
anyway) is there a mini-HOWTO or the equivalent for Red Hat 5.0 kernel
upgrades? I had quite a lot of trouble with glibc-5.4.44 and had to
re-install to clean up the mess. I don't expect anyone to tell me how to do
this, but a pointer to a FM to R would be a good start. <g>

FWIW, I've got 2.1.103 and RPMs for most of the stuff that needs to be
upgraded according to /usr/src/linux/documentation/changes.


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