crashme 2.0.33

Johnny Tevessen (
03 Jun 1998 18:36:00 +0200


Sorry if I'm missing something, I wasn't able to follow that
full crashme 2.1.x discussion.

My 2.0.33 crashes everytime with crashme 1.8, Seed 696. All
other parameters are the same as described in the example
in crashme.c. I gave it a time of 0:30:00. Whenever I come
back, the screen (textmode) is blanked, and the machine
does not react on key presses. ctrl-alt-del does not work,
only a hardware reset does.

I'm not even able to make the Virtual Console to show me
the screen's contents by pressing <SHIFT>.

This is an IBM6x86P166+ system with 48MB RAM, Acer ALi


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