Re: ___ 2.0.34-pre11 (and pre16 too) /dev/mem broken???

Andreas Jaeger (
03 Jun 1998 17:29:36 +0200

>>>>> Alex Buell writes:

Alex> Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
>> >Even I have recompiled svgalib with gcc-2.8.1, it not works. ;-(
>> Argggggggg, 2.0.x kernel ___________MUST____________ BE COMPILED WITH
>> AND ONLY GCC-2.7.2.x!!!!!!!!!!

Alex> development glibc v2.1 releases requires gcc-2.8.1. :o( I don't really
Alex> want to have to upgrade to gcc-2.8.1 in order to use glibc v2.1, when I
Alex> have a perfectly good v2.7.2.3 compiler! Whose *insert your favourite
Alex> expletive here* decision was this, and why?

Alex> Off topic I know, but I've had no real answers from reading the
Alex> glibc-faq, glibc-howto et. even subscribed to the glibc-mailing.

Alex> Cheers,

You can use gcc 2.7.2 and egcs and gcc 2.8.1 together on the same
system with simple command line switches (e.g. gcc -V gcc- or
by installing them in separate paths (CC=/opt/egcs/bin/gcc works fine
for me ;-).

Try to rebuild glibc 2.1 development releases with gcc 2.7.2.x (it's
not hard to disable the configure tests) and run make check. You'll
get so many errors that you don't want to use gcc Using gcc
2.7.2.x would lead to lots of complaints that glibc is broken - but
instead your compiler is broken.

Just look through the bug reports at
<> and check the
reports which were really compiler faults and not glibc's.


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