Re: [IDEA] Developers: your opinion badly needed ! (Was: [PATCH] /proc/config.gz)

Peter T. Breuer (
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 17:24:12 +0200 (MET DST)

To summarize a discussion offline with "J" ...

"A month of sundays ago Riccardo Facchetti wrote:"
> But catting relevant data at the end of a kernel is ACCURATE. The only
> problem to resolve is find a way to match the running kernel with the
> image file ... and if not match, better assume no file is provided.

J> I don't want your 1KB in my kernel. It's bloat. It can be done in
user space instead, say by attaching a few bytes in elf segments of
the kernel or putting them in known locations with names derived from
the kernel of the moment

Me> I don't want your .config and whatnot files cluttering
up my disk. It's a mess. Put the stuff that's important only to the kernel
in the kernel where it belongs. I'll only lose them otherwise, or
mess up the names, or the times, or something.


Passing its location on disk/whatever to the kernel as an extra parameter
via the bootloader would clearly allow us to sidestep the issue. Until
then I'll put the config.gz in proc and worry about 1KB later!


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