RE: [IDEA] Developers: your opinion badly needed ! I Think we have a solution

Roelf Diedericks (
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 12:50:50 +0200

I like this idea a lot --- Stick the System.Map and .config as files
into wherever the kernel gets installed with a unique number (perhaps a
or a kernel byte filesize appended to the filename.

eg. /boot/
and /boot/.config.c3132b

Then change procfs, to read the files from /boot, whenever a request
is made for /proc/config.gz ...

VOILA! Minimal kernel bloat, and exactly the functionality that we're

> -----Original Message-----
> Perhaps the system map (and .config too) could be stuck onto to kernel in
> such a fashion that they dont get loaded into memory. Lilo would prob then
> need to be modified to pass to the kernel 'who it is'. Then there could be
> a sysctl to request the filename of the currently running kernel..

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