Re: Processes stuck in 'D' state in 2.0.33 and 2.0.34preX

Andrea Arcangeli (
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 03:01:48 +0200 (CEST)

On Wed, 20 May 1998 wrote:

>Trace: 12a315 <wait_on_super+15/40>
>Trace: 15f550 <ext2_alloc_block+20/1b0>
>Trace: 15fcb4 <block_getblk+174/2a0>
>Trace: 15ff47 <ext2_getblk+167/240>
>Trace: 15e099 <ext2_file_write+1b9/4a0>
>Trace: 1aacdf <vsprintf+48f/4d0>
>Trace: 1aacdf <vsprintf+48f/4d0>
>Trace: 10a94a <signal_return+12/38>
>Trace: 10a94a <signal_return+12/38>
>Trace: 4800000
>Trace: 4800000
>Trace: 134f12 <write_dquot+f2/150>
>Trace: 135809 <dqput+a9/e0>
>Trace: 135ef1 <dquot_drop+21/40>
>Trace: 125a68 <clear_inode+68/160>
>Trace: 15ece0 <ext2_free_inode+230/250>
>Trace: 15eced <ext2_free_inode+23d/250>
>Trace: 15f4f1 <ext2_put_inode+61/70>
>Trace: 126129 <iput+d9/1c0>
>Trace: 124daa <__fput+3a/40>
>Trace: 124e08 <close_fp+58/70>
>Trace: 117e54 <do_exit+124/200>
>Trace: 10a75b <do_signal+24b/2ac>
>Trace: 10a94a <signal_return+12/38>

Are the underlined lines significative even if there is "Trace: 4800000"
in the middle of the trace?

If so you could try this patch but before try it be sure to backup _all_
your data!!!!!! I have not tried nor compiled it and I have not idea of
what of bad could happen (hd in fire?!?). It' s against 2.0.33.

Andrea[s] Arcangeli

--- linux-2.0.33/fs/dquot.c 1998/06/03 00:47:58 1.1
+++ linux-2.0.33/fs/dquot.c 1998/06/03 00:59:13
@@ -472,10 +472,8 @@
- wake_up(&dquot_wait);
if (dquot->dq_flags & DQ_MOD) {
write_dquot(dquot); /* we can sleep - so do again */
- wait_on_dquot(dquot);
goto repeat;

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