Re: Compile on RedHat 5.0

Alan Cox (
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 00:18:56 +0100 (BST)

> from the samba package to compile. The dirent structure in <linux/dirent.h>
> and the one in <direntry.h> are not even the same structure (the latter has
> an additional element added to the structure).

Why should they be the same ? glibc gives you a single portable interface
its none of your business what the kernel and glibc talk

> of twisty little passages all different". I find some header files in
> conflict (bunch of network headers) and also find that there are some things
> in each which the package depends on! AAAARRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!

You shouldnt be mixing kernel and glibc includes, ever. The problem there
has been that glibc doesnt include headers for everything it should have done
and if you find one of those extract it out and write a glibc header for it


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