Re: [IDEA] Developers: your opinion badly needed ! (Was: [PATCH] /proc/config.gz)

Riccardo Facchetti (
Mon, 1 Jun 1998 21:44:53 +0200 (MET DST)

On Sun, 31 May 1998, Horst von Brand wrote:

> There is the machinery for that, and even more... if you do a "make
> install", kernel/${ARCH}/boot/ is run from the Makefile there
> with the full version, the the bootimage, the system map and the place
> where the kernel is to be stored as arguments. You could hack this makefile
> to pass the .configure too, and (f.ex. for RedHat systems, which use
> /sbin/installkernel to do the final install) hack that one to store .config
> as /boot/Config-${version}.
> Secure, but not 100% foolproof. But then, what is? ;-)

Yes. I feel that in some way we have to decide what did it mean for us
"secure way", where to stop searching a foolproof method.
But I don't want to decide this all for myself.
Anyway, first of all I would like to know, from you all, if my work is
not just a piece of **** :)


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